denkmal - bebelsplatz




this image is only to be shown with the following image. they were shot on the same night in 2000, december 24th, and they both show two faces of one policy. you may also want to speak about a kind of historical layering within the same frame, the same subjet, i.e. the state of prussia.

even though there were never burned books under king frederic the 2nd, in the early-mid 18th century,* it nevertheless seems to be about the spirit of destruction, or in other words 'prussia's gloria' - a term that is still in use today.

(in fact this happened on the wartburgfest, in 1817, which made heine write: 'where they're burning books they'll end up burning humans' - 'da wo man buecher verbrennt, verbrennt man am ende auch menschen')