dichtung & wahrheit




'dichtung und wahrheit' - it was a former friend who gave that title to the picture. it may sound a bit too ambitious to use this title as it refers to 'dichtung und wahrheit - aus meinem leben' by famous jw goethe. but imagine this picture to have a size of 1 x 1 meter, which is about 40 x 40 inches - illudung to a painting on the first glance, then to a digitally processed photography - and then it is just an analog photograph. 'dichtung' maybe translated to 'poetry' as well as to 'composition' or 'fiction' while 'wahrheit' is rather corresponding to 'truth.'

what you see is a part from the 'neue wache' (new guardhouse), unter den linden, berlin, built according to plans of f schinkel in 1817/1818. if i remember correctly, it was schinkel's very first building to be realized in berlin. i took the picture in june 2001 at night, the exposing time was approx. 50 minutes.