le president




the long title of this picture reads "le president - iconalytische studie ueber die funktion der doppelsaeule im venezianischen herrschaftsportrait des 16. jahrhunderts unter besonderer beruecksichtigung des hauses habsburg"

well that's a long title, but the reflection, which introduced this subject to me, was very long too. first, somewhat in the early 90s there was the incredible renaissance- colloquium prof. klaus heinrich gave at the paul-tilich-institute, berlin. for hours and weeks it was on the concept of doubling and mirroring and for hours and weeks it was on titian; and then, more recently, there was this article i read by chance in a german newspaper - on the iconography of the official french president's photograph - from de gaulle, who's looking like the exact counterpart of tati being the postman in 'jour du fte' - up to the 'modernist' d'estain, who is given in a reduced and rather abstract enviroment - they all, even jacques fuck mouroroa chirac, make a broad use of the tricolore ... and here we go :)