tempesta sul tirreno




digital photography is time- and cost-saving, while potentially it allows the same kind of precision we know from the most advanced analog photography; digital photography even allows night shots. but not for hours, and that is what my photography is about: the shape of a given space is constructed by time :)

the stripes on the bottom of this picture, as well is in the previous one are due to a laboratory process, which has been out my control (hein, what is control?). i decided to not correct them for the web-version you're viewing right now. sometimes, i think, leaving things as they are, or even to work with an error is rather a challenge than to not. saying 'no' to an artistic process is extremely influential and, therefore, powerful. and power, in all its aspects, needs to be handled with care.

btw. the exposure time of this photo was less than 5 minutes, if my records are correct.