drei treppen ueber der schweiz




in the triangle between berliner ensemble, charité and reichstag, right in the neighbourhood of the berlin ccc there was marienstrasse 1. and still there is a house number 1; but it's a fake. the entire building has been restaured in the years 2001-02 in a way, that nothing is left, besides a restaured fassade, which after heavy damages in world war 2, had been renewed, i guess in the 50's, when berlin was a demilitarized city and its eastern part had become the capital of the german democratic republic. - weired sentence? - weired times.

but restauration somehow fit's to the times the building of marienstrasse 1 emerged from: the biedermeier-period of the central european restauration - i.e. after napoleon and before 1848.

even though the building is under monumental protection, the stairhouse - one of the very few left from early berlin biedermeier - was tared down in 2001.