still don't know, what frames are for. where do they come from? from an art historical point of view, they are rather taken as a given. to my knowledge there has never been a monographic research neither on the material history of the frame, nor on it's historic and thus probably non-christian background.

most of the pictures you see here are with a black frame, deriving from the contact-sheets they are scanned from. on the one hand, it is intended to show here in a digital environment that they're deriving from an analog source. on almost the same hand they prove that i did not crop the images in order to be shown.

please note that on my photograhpic prints there are no such frames. as my photography, i.e. the appearance of photographically obtained artifacts, is located between analog photography as well as painting - it seems to be a must, to leave the viewer in the ambivalence of his/her view.