as several times stated, most of the pictures shown here, are made at night, with extreme long lasting exposures. but some, like this one, are made by daylight, with rather short exposures, e.g. 2 seconds.

industrial foto material is limited to short exposures. an authenticity of colours for instance is then guaranteed up to 10 or 20 seconds. and even though there's the enormous concurrence of digital photography, material with low sensitivity but finest granulate (e.g. 50 ASA) has disappeared from the markets.

so basically i like to work with limitations - and errors, as long as it may be considered to be an error, if someone starts to use a technique in a manner, it was never intended to be. wau holland liked to say "a hacker is somebody who uses a coffee-machine in order to make a soup." and, as often, he's so right in saying this :)